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Trichology Consultation

Trichology Consultation - Canterbury Hair & Scalp Clinic

What happens in a Trichology Consultation?

Trichology Consultation

In a trichology consultation we will:

Start by taking some details from you including your age, whether you have children and your occupation.

Ask you to address your hair and scalp concerns, how long they have been a concern and whether you have had them previously.

Discuss your hair type, scalp type, hair colour and texture and frequency of shampooing.

Ask if you use colour, if so what type? Do you have it relaxed?

Is your scalp sensitive or irritated? Where?

Then we will move on to health problems and any medication you may be on.

We will ask about any accidents, illnesses , operations, infections and high fever you may have had.

Then we will discuss family history on maternal and paternal sides.

We will ask about eye and teeth health and we will examine nails.

Ask about diet, what you eat in a normal day. Are you on any special diet or do you have or have you had any weight changes?

Any allergies to cosmetics, drugs food?

How is your digestion?

Have you had any blood tests done?

Are you diabetic?

How are your stress levels? Do you do anything to manage your stress?

We will examine your hair and scalp and we may use a trichoscope or dermatoscope to magnify.

We aim to reach a diagnosis, a prognosis and a possible treatment plan.

Trichology consultations can last up to one hour.

We are a mobile service based in Canterbury who will come to your home.

Consultations are also available online.

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